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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Imaya Kumar Jagannathan

WorldWide Principal Specialist Solution Architect | Amazon Web Services | Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Imaya Kumar Jagannathan is a Worldwide Principal Specialist Solution Architect at Amazon Web Services. He specializes in Observability and talks to hundreds of customers each year in helping them design, architect and optimize their Observability environments.

He is an open-source thought leader, and has initiated several projects to help accelerate Observability adoption for AWS customers.

He mentors and leads AWS Solution Architects around the world and has created several projects such as the One Observability Workshop, AWS Observability Best Practices Guide and the AWS Observability Accelerator to help AWS customers with their Observability needs.

Being a leader in the Observability space, and speaks at various conferences such as re:Invent (every year since 2018), KubeCon, AWS Summit (every year since 2018), SLOconf etc. He as written over 35 blog posts, self-published or lead a team of 20 Architects to develop and published over 40 YouTube videos on Observability.

His past experience include working at Microsoft in Consultant and Program Manager roles for several years.

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