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Monday, September 18, 2023

How to Build Industry Trust with the Power of Business Awards

For all companies, especially younger start-ups, proving marketing credibility is equally as important as demonstrating product fit in the early stages of the sales cycle.

Closing deals (without a proven track record) is a challenge for even the most seasoned sales pros as decision makers are under extreme pressure to keep business operations running smoothly and efficiently. As such, they are keenly aware that if and when something goes wrong, their decisions will be called into question.

Choosing a newer technology over an established vendor without solid justification can be a career killer. For established companies, consistently showing market visibility assures buyers the company is remaining a trusted brand. By leveraging thought leadership programs like business awards, a company receives its stamp of approval from non-bias 3rd party sources, which can dramatically impact and drive sales success.

Score More Credibility Points

The goal of winning business awards is to demonstrate market acceptance which in turn helps convince buyers that your company not only offers the best solution, but if a start-up, will be around for years to come. Success with awards pays many dividends. Doing award publicity broadcasts to the industry that yours is a company to watch. Award logos can be used strategically on a website and in sales presentations to earn a company instant credibility. And used in a systematic “campaign” approach, winning awards can help put a company on the map.

Mini Case Study

At Attain Marketing we have leveraged winning business awards as a key thought leader strategy for our clients for almost 20 years. We believe it is a fundamental block in a successful public relations plan that simply cannot be ignored. Case in point, an aggressive award campaign we implemented for an early-stage cloud security start-up propelled this company into the spotlight to generate momentum that helped secure key customers. We targeted a variety of awards, including company, executive, product, vertical and customer implementation, then timed them so that key wins rolled out systematically their first year after launching in the public eye. Undeniably, this validation by trusted industry organizations gave the company a visible boost that helped secure a robust 2nd round of funding, win key customers, and increase editorial opportunities, just to name a few of the benefits. Within one year that client went from virtually unknown to a trusted, well known, sought after company now considered a leader in their space.

Winning business awards remains a proven and powerful tool in the arsenal of a successful thought leadership program. Any company can greatly benefit from this validation by trusted third party influencers to increase credibility in the markets they serve and to ultimately drive dive sales growth and reach key company milestones.

Over 20 years management, marketing and PR experience working with both start-up and Fortune 1000 companies. Have worked with numerous technology and financial services companies like First Data, Certicom (acquired by Research in Motion), Bharosa (acquired by Oracle), BitArmor (acquired by Trustwave), Wisegate (acquired by 451 Group), Wombat Security Technologies (acquired by ProofPoint), Symbian, AirPatrol, Network Appliance, RiskVision, SafeNet, ShieldX Networks and INSIDE Secure to set industry agenda, establish thought leadership, launch companies and products, and navigate obstacles. Extensive experience developing and managing public relations programs including corporate image campaigns, media relations, analyst relations, and implementation of the most up-to-date new media and crisis management techniques. Lorraine was recently named a “2018 High Flying Woman in Business” by Aspioneer Magazine.

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Specialties: Long standing relationships with press and analysts in the Financial Services, Wireless & Telecommunications, Computer Software/Hardware, IT, Healthcare and Information Security industries.