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Monday, September 18, 2023

Gurjeet Singh

Senior Data Scientist | Ericsson Inc. | Santa Clara, California, United States

Gurjeet Singh currently serves as a Senior Data Scientist in the Global Artificial Intelligence Accelerator organization at Ericsson. With over a decade of experience, he has showcased expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Previously, Gurjeet Singh worked for 10+ years at Ford Motor Company, where he held a prominent position as a Research Scientist-ML in the Automated Driving group of the Research & Advanced Engineering organization in Palo Alto, CA. He also held various positions within Ford’s Product Development organization.

Gurjeet Singh’s exceptional contributions earned him prestigious accolades, including the Global Henry Ford Technical Achievement Award and the esteemed RARE award for research excellence at Ford. With experience delivering projects from research to production, he possesses a profound understanding of feature development.

His expertise lies in Computer Vision, Deep Neural Network uncertainty algorithm development, and Object Detection. Gurjeet Singh is passionate about exploring Deep Learning, AI explainability, and applying ML/AI to diverse applications. He has filed and commercialized 21+ patents in US, Germany, and China, along with conference and journal papers.

Gurjeet Singh holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and graduate certificate in AI/ML from Harvard University, contributing to the growth of Machine Learning.