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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Globee® Awards Issues Last Call to Enter 2023 Golden Bridge Awards®

Don’t miss this final chance to enter the 2023 Golden Bridge Awards and position your company or organization among the esteemed recipients of global recognition. Submit your entry today and seize the opportunity to shine on the international stage.


The renowned Globee® Awards, widely recognized for its esteemed business awards programs and rankings, has officially issued the last call for companies and organizations to submit their entries for the highly anticipated 2023 Golden Bridge Awards®. With the final deadline fast approaching, participants are urged to take advantage of this opportunity to showcase their outstanding achievements on a global platform.

Learn more about the 2023 Golden Bridge Awards and how to nominate here:

The Golden Bridge Awards, a flagship program of the Globee Awards, celebrates excellence in business and innovation across various industries. With its prestigious reputation and comprehensive range of categories, the awards program offers participants unparalleled recognition and networking opportunities.

Over 400 judges, comprising a diverse array of industry experts from around the globe, are actively engaged in the judging process.

By submitting their entries to the 2023 Golden Bridge Awards, companies and organizations have the chance to gain international visibility, validate their accomplishments through the rigorous evaluation process, and connect with potential partners, investors, and clients. The awards serve as a testament to exceptional performance, innovation, and leadership, allowing participants to enhance their brand reputation and stand out in their respective industries.

A worldwide judging panel of executives and professionals representing a wide spectrum of industries will determine the winners. More details to register as an industry expert and help as a judge are available at

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