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Monday, September 18, 2023

Divyaansh Anuj

Co-founder | Introbot | Palo Alto, California, United States

I’m working on Introbot – a BOT that makes INTROs. It’s a WhatsApp chatbot that understands your professional interests and accordingly introduces you to relevant people. We’ve raised preseed and are working with ~100 startup communities with 3500 founders, investors, and talent between whom we make about 1K introductions per month for fundraising, recruitment, sales, advice, or general networking.

Right out of a top engineering college in India, I built my first company – Dextra – a community platform for the creator economy. 50K artists across 250 art forms and 150 countries collaborated on 60K projects on our iOS and Android apps. Around this time I spent 3 months in Silicon Valley, and I realized that while Dextra was a good idea – it wasn’t the only idea. With my experience of running the community at Dextra, I had a great insight into the inefficiencies of community platforms and social media in general. Meanwhile, I also met my future co-founder Utkarsh, who was running a community of 500+ founders from YC, Techstars, etc. We combined our passion for communities and entrepreneurship and launched Introbot in all the founder communities we were plugged into. And it’s been growing since!