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Monday, September 18, 2023

Dhanveer Singh

Senior Manager – Software Engineering | Capital One | Richmond, Virginia, United States

Exemplary technology leader with 16+ years of expertise in building products and platforms from the ground up. Renowned for architecting and delivering highly reliable and scalable systems with a security-first mindset on public cloud platforms and cloud ecosystems (AWS). A true visionary and mentor, excelling at motivating peak individual performance while driving sustained growth momentum. Proficient in complex architectural patterns, building APIs, microservices, event streams, rule engines, and high throughput systems. Empowers teams of young talents on the innovation, implementation of cutting-edge technologies, inclusion, outside-of-the-box thinking, teamwork, self-organization, and diversity. Adept at effectively communicating with and influencing key stakeholders across the domain. Expertly guides the domain architecture team in problem-solving activities, ensuring that all voices are heard and understood while driving to timely, realistic solutions. Always leading from the forefront to promote a culture of engineering excellence, utilizing opportunities to reuse and inner source solutions where possible. Collaborates on Capital One’s toughest issues, delivering on strategic and complex initiatives with balance across technology, product, and design to directly impact the lives of our customers.