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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Devakinandan Panda

Senior Backend Software Engineer | Roblox | Seattle, Washington, United States

Devakinandan Panda is an accomplished Senior Software Engineer located in Seattle, Washington. Holding a B.Tech degree from the esteemed National Institute of Technology Calicut. My diverse skill set includes expertise in algorithms, data structures, artificial intelligence, computer security, and software design. With a remarkable career spanning top-tier companies, including Amazon and Roblox, I’ve consistently demonstrated my ability to drive innovation and solve complex challenges. During my tenure at Amazon, I served as a Senior Software Development Engineer, leading teams responsible for optimizing vehicle routing and package flow, resulting in significant cost savings and improved customer experiences. My extensive contributions have made a profound impact on the global network of fulfillment centers and delivery services. With a passion for software engineering and a commitment to excellence, I continue to excel in my role as a Senior Software Engineer at Roblox, contributing to the success of cutting-edge projects and initiatives.