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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Daria Shishlyannikova

“My name is Daria Shishlyannikova, and I am a Social Media Digital Marketing Manager and the founder of the international digital marketing agency KIOSKO.  Being a proud member of the Guild of Marketers and the American Marketing Association, I am also honored to have served as a judge in the 2023 Women in Business Awards. It was a privilege for me to evaluate 50 entries and give recognition to the amazing and talented women who are all true gems in their industries. I appreciate the trust and recognition of my professional expertise as a part of this wonderful project. It was an amazing experience!”

CEO and Founder | Kiosko Marketing Agency | Moscow, Russian Federation

Daria Shishlyannikova is a one a kind marketing specialist with more than 10 years of experience and  business owner mindset. Her exceptional talent, acknowledged in the press and validated by internationally renowned experts in the field of business and marketing. She is recognized for her active involvement in marketing communities worldwide, where she generously shares her experience and expertise. In 2014, she founded the highly-rated marketing agency KIOSKO, which has been known over the years as a partner of major restaurant groups, Michelin-star chefs, grocery store chains, TV channels, and premium online retailers.