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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Chintamani Bagwe

Vice President | Citibank | Irving, Texas, United States

Accomplished Senior Product Manager with 20 years’ success in global Banking and Financial Markets. Expertly blending technology, data science, and business operations, I eagerly embrace challenges with user-centric research, analytics, design excellence, strategic roadmaps, engineering, and stakeholder coordination. I steered product strategy for a suite of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software platforms, setting Risk Governance Framework Standards. Pioneering product roadmaps, I harnessed Arcadia/big data for potent insights, shaping Regulatory Inventory and Change Management. I streamlined Regulatory data for sustained Intelligence, excelling in comprehensive feature design spanning Regulatory Requirements, Controls, and Standards. In management consulting, I delivered timely, budget-aligned initiatives for Fortune 100 firms, overseeing design, implementation, and support for banking systems. With extensive experience in steering globally dispersed teams, I orchestrated enterprise financial applications across domains like Trading, Risk Management, and Collateral Management. As an Agile Product Development practitioner, I excel in crafting features, gauging stakeholder needs, and Workflow/Process Management. I excel in deciphering intricate customer needs and conveying technical requisites to senior leadership. Armed with cutting-edge data analytics, I decode complex information, transforming insights into actionable team intelligence.