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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Chetan Shrikant Zawar

Product Lead | TikTok (Bytedance) | New York City, New York, United States

With over a decade of diverse experience spanning e-commerce, social media, and technology, I have established myself as a seasoned product leader renowned for my customer-focused approach and tangible outcomes. Guiding numerous products from concept to launch, I’ve been driven by my dedication to data-driven product management and expertise in global expansion.

My commitment to innovation within the tech sector has not only nurtured my personal growth but also empowered me to inspire emerging talents. Through mentoring and speaking engagements, I’ve instilled confidence and clarity, leaving an enduring impact on budding professionals. This cascade of mentorship has been exceptionally fulfilling.

In essence, my journey as a product leader harmonizes customer-centricity, data-driven expertise, and a global outlook. My influence extends well beyond individual achievements, resonating in the triumphs of the next generation. Motivated by a fervor for recognizing excellence, I am excited about the prospect of contributing as a judge for the Globee Business Awards.