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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Call for Entries Issued for the 2022 Globee® Business Awards

GLOBEE® Awards is accepting entries from all over the world from large, medium, small, and startup companies and organizations


The Globee® Awards organizer of the world’s premier business awards programs and business ranking lists is now accepting nomination for the 12th Annual Business Excellence Awards. All individuals and organizations worldwide from public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small, may submit nominations to the 2022 Business Excellence Awards.

Individuals and organizations from any where in the world may submit nominations for local, regional, or country based achievements for recognition.

  • Asia-Pacific
  • Canada and the United States
  • Europe, the Middle East or Africa
  • Latin America
  • Worldwide
  • Specific Country

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The coveted annual Business Excellence Awards program recognizes and honors the world’s best in organizational performance, products and services, innovations, executives and management teams, women in business and the professions, case studies and successful deployments, public relations and marketing campaigns, product management, websites, blogs, white-papers, videos, advertisements, creativity, partner programs, and customer satisfaction programs from every major industry in the world.

Learn more about the 2022 Business Excellence Awards and how to nominate here:

The Business Excellence Awards and Communications Excellence Awards have been merged and there are many new and revised categories for 2022.

The Globee Business Awards recognize achievement in every facet of the workplace. Categories are listed under the following Categories Groups:

  • A1. Achievement | Company Achievements Awards Categories Group
  • A2. Achievement | Corporate Communications & Public Relations Achievements Awards Categories Group
  • A3. Achievement | Disruptor Company Awards Categories Group
  • A4. Achievement | Employer Achievements Awards Categories Group
  • A5. Achievement | Government and Non-Profits Achievements Awards Categories Group
  • A6. Achievement | Innovative Company Awards Categories Group
  • A7. Achievement | Startup Achievements Awards Categories Group
  • B1. Creative, Communications, & PR | Individual Awards Categories Group
  • B2. Creative, Communications, & PR | Team, Department, & Campaign Awards Categories Group
  • B3. Creative, Communications, & PR | App, Events, Publications, and Video Awards Categories Group
  • C1. HR | Individual Awards Categories Group
  • C2. HR | Team, Department, & Campaign Awards Categories Group
  • D1. IT and Cyber Security Users | Individual Awards Categories Group
  • D2. IT and Cyber Security Users | Team, Department, & Campaign Awards Categories Group
  • E1. Marketing | Individual Awards Categories Group
  • E2. Marketing | Team, Department, & Campaign Awards Categories Group
  • F1. People | Individual Awards Categories Group
  • F2. People | Management Team Awards Categories Group
  • F3. People | Visionary Leadership Awards Categories Group
  • G1. Product Development-Management | Individual Awards Categories Group
  • G2. Product Development-Management | Team, Department, & Campaign Awards Categories Group
  • G3. Product, Service, & Solution | Business Technology Solutions Awards Categories Group
  • G4. Product, Service, & Solution | New Product or Service Awards Categories Group
  • G5. Product, Service, & Solution | Cool Products Awards Categories Group
  • H1. Sales and Customer Service | Individual Awards Categories Group
  • H2. Sales and Customer Service | Team, Department, & Campaign Awards Categories Group
  • I1. COVID-19 Individual Categories Group
  • I2. COVID-19 Organization, Marketing & PR, Product and Service Categories Group

All organizations operating anywhere in the world from large, medium, small to new startups; government, public or private sectors; for-profit and non-profit are all eligible to submit nominations to the 2022 Business Awards in a wide range of categories honoring achievement in every facet of workplace.

Golden Bridge Awards

Winners of previous years are listed here:

A worldwide judging panel of executives and professionals representing a wide spectrum of industries will determine the winners. Winners will be presented and honored in a virtual ceremony attended by the finalists, winners, judges, and industry peers from all over the world. Industry experts and end-users or consumers of products and services can participate in the judging process. More details to register as an industry expert and help as a judge are available at

About the Globee Awards 
Globee Awards are conferred in ten programs and competition: the American Best in Business Awards, Business Excellence Awards, CEO World Awards®, Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards®, Disruptor Company Awards, Golden Bridge Awards®, Information Technology World Awards®, International Best in Business Awards, Sales, Marketing, & Service Excellence Awards, and Women World Awards®. Learn more about the Globee Awards at

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