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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Call for Entries Issued for 2023 Globee® Awards for Philanthropy

The Globee® Awards for Philanthropy categories are open to individuals actively employed or engaged in business.


The Globee® Awards, organizer of the world’s premier business awards programs and business ranking lists, is now accepting nominations for the 2023 Globee® Awards for Philanthropy.

The Globee® Awards for Philanthropy categories recognize and celebrate individuals in business or work who demonstrate outstanding commitment to philanthropy. These awards categories highlight the philanthropic efforts and contributions of professionals who go above and beyond to impact their communities positively. The Globee® Awards for Philanthropy categories honor individuals who leverage their professional skills, resources, and influence to create meaningful change and promote social good. By acknowledging their philanthropic endeavors, the awards aim to inspire and encourage others in the business world to embrace philanthropy and make a difference.

Learn more about the 2023 Globee Business Awards and how to nominate here:

Individuals and organizations from anywhere worldwide may submit nominations for local, regional, or country-based achievements for recognition.

Eligible individuals may include business leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, and employees who strongly commit to philanthropy and engage in charitable activities.

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