2023 Cyber Security Judge

Brent Joseph Molesky

Systems Engineering and Quality Excellence Manager | Shell | Houston, Texas, United States

I have been working in the Energy Industry for 17 years, through various roles within Engineering and Projects. As the world moves towards Net Zero emissions, our business landscape is shifting rapidly, introducing new technologies, new partnerships and customer and adopting to the digital era.

My role as Systems Engineering Manager supports the development of capital projects within the Low Carbon Fuels and Chemicals business, including; Hydrogen production, Carbon Capture, Renewable Natural Gas, Circular Plastics and other Biofuel production. Both technology development and adoption face challenge with rapid demand and integration into our existing infrastructure.

I am very interested in supporting research in the development and application of technologies within renewable energies and low carbon fuels that will transform the way we deliver energy and products, reducing end to end emissions, and addressing the challenges around the rapidly changing landscape and integration.

I am also passionate about Engineering Management and Systems Engineering. Engineering is more important than ever in this time, as we manage an abundance of new technologies developing at a rapid pace, and also embrace our digital environment to develop and deliver the projects that will bring our world to net zero.