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Monday, September 18, 2023

Bharathwaj Jeganathan

Technology Leader – Tech Enthusiast – Architect of People, Process & Technology | Jelli Inc. | San Mateo, California, United States

  • 20 years experience in IT industry developing enterprise products, Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms, and Ad servers.
  • Passionate and strategic hands-on technology leader, spearheading fast-paced engineering teams building highly scalable distributed systems in the cloud. I am a fully hands-on technical leader – architecting systems, writing code and leading engineering teams
  • Expert level experience in: Architecting highly scalable end-user facing web applications, data analysis systems, Micro services architecture, cloud computing (AWS, Google cloud), Docker, Kubernetes, Java, Spring Framework, SQL (Mysql, Postgre) and NOSql (MongoDB, Cassandra), CI/CD, Javascript, REST APIs, API security (OAuth, JWT, encryption, SSL)
  • Observability expert: Have implemented org wide Observability (Logging, Tracing, Metrics and Alerting) and used platforms such as DataDog, Elastic Cloud observability, New Relic. Building Observable micro services is my passion!
  • Highly trained and experienced in designing systems for high performance, scalability, resilience (fault tolerance, fail over, self healing), handling high transaction reads/writes
    Specialties: SaaS based platforms, Cloud native systems, MVP launch, Building & growing teams, Technical Leadership, Strategic planning, product & engineering roadmap
    Domains: Genomics, Social Media marketing, AdTech