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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Arpita Goyal

Analyst | Alira Health | Framingham, Massachusetts, United States

Arpita Goyal is a distinguished professional in the healthcare industry, known for her unique blend of medical expertise and business acumen. She earned her medical degree from DY Patil University, one of India’s leading medical colleges. Following this, she ventured into diverse operational roles within healthcare. Her educational journey continued with MPH in Healthcare Management from Yale University, where she honed her strategic and management skills in the healthcare sector. Her career has been marked by notable contributions as a business manager at a mid-sized pharmaceutical company, where she played a key role in its growth. She furthered her impact by delving into corporate strategy at a US-based early-stage digital health startup and presently serves at an international health consulting firm. Her expertise encompasses due diligence for early-stage startups, go-to-market strategies, market assessments, and medical device design and innovation. Driven by her passion for improving healthcare outcomes and enhancing patient experiences, she has established herself as a dynamic leader in the industry, making significant contributions to healthcare’s growth and innovation.