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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Anukool Damle

Manager, Innovation and Business Optimization | Waste Management (WM) | Houston, Texas, United States

I am the Business Product Owner of my company’s routing tools and business management systems. During last 15 years in the field of routing, logistics and process engineering, I had the opportunity to work for Automobile, Airline and Transportation, Service industries. I have worked on creating several business solutions and innovative products, one of which is currently pursing a patent. I specialize in delivering the end to end solution by working with digital and business teams to design, develop and implement new corporate systems. My focus area for past few years has been achieving strategic growth via dynamic routing and optimization of business processes. Conducting trainings for different management levels in the operations, providing guidance and supervision during the roll out of new systems and processes is also one of my core functions. A core team member in the agile transformation in my company, I help in customizing the agile process to meet our business model needs.