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Monday, September 18, 2023

Anna Stepura

I had the privilege of being a judge for the prestigious American Business Awards. It was truly an honor to be a part of this esteemed panel and contribute to recognizing exceptional achievements across various industries. The opportunity to play a role in honoring their accomplishments was immensely fulfilling and reinforced my belief in the power of recognizing outstanding achievements in business.

Co-founder and CEO | AiSport | San Francisco, California, United States

With 6 years of experience in marketing and 3 years of experience managing teams in PR, digital marketing, and business development, Anna has honed her skills in business development and marketing strategies. Anna has participated in the Alchemist Accelerator where she was part of the 31st cohort. In addition to her experience in marketing and team management, Anna Stepura has also worked extensively in business development for organizations in the sports industry.

During her career, Anna also served as the CMO of a Golf Federation, where she oversaw the development and execution of marketing strategies to promote the sport.

Currently based in Silicon Valley, Anna is working on her startup AiSport – motion tracking and correcting software. Anna Stepura has spent 20+ years in the sports industry, with 16 of those years dedicated to professional sports and the last 6 years focused on professional coaching. As a co-founder of AiSport, a sports tech startup, Anna has successfully combined her experience in sports with her skills in marketing and team management.