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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Amol Gote

Solutions Architect | Innova Solutions | Duluth, Georgia, United States

Amol Gote is an accomplished technologist boasting over 15+ years of experience. His expertise has been instrumental in spearheading technological advancements at globally recognized corporations, including Microsoft, Bank of America, Associated Press, and Morgan Stanley. His technical acumen spans a wide range of tools and languages, including .NET, Java and specializes in building backend APIs using Azure and AWS cloud services. At iCreditWorks, a trailblazer in dental financing, Amol is responsible for managing the critical process of loan application origination.

In his role, he has played a pivotal part in the design and execution of integral functionalities at iCreditWorks. His efforts include building a comprehensive loan underwriting procedure from end to end. Amol’s innovative approach has led to cost-saving measures, such as the implementation of in-house e-Signing of documents, eliminating the need for third-party services. Amol’s responsibilities extend to supervisory roles, where he leads teams and carries out code and design reviews.

Amol also holds a Master’s Degree in Data Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. His professional credentials include the AWS Associate Solution Architect certification, and several Microsoft technology certifications. As he continues to excel and innovate in his professional roles, his impact on technology sector remains significant.