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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Ambar Prajapati

Senior IT Development Analyst | International Paper | Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Ambar Prajapati is an established leader with over two decades of experience executing engineering solutions for global enterprises across multiple industry domains in the USA and India. He holds a master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Memphis, the USA, and a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Vikram University, India. He has many industry certifications, including Microsoft, Penn State, India’s Quality Council, and National Stock Exchange. He is an active member of the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Society, SME Association of Manufacturing Engineers, and IEEE Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

His several research on messaging, multicast, sensor, and artificial intelligence technologies are published in reputed publications like IEEE Xplore and Elsevier. His business was adjudged among the 100 best small companies in India. The Prime minister of India had personally greeted him for his academic excellence during his school years. His business products have been showcased on many platforms, including in China and India. 

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