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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Ali Ragimov

JavaScript Engineer – Frontend Developer | Sphere Partners | San Luis Obispo, California, United States

I have 9+ years of experience in web development. Currently, I work as a Frontend Developer in React stack but I’m also skilled in backend development. I am interested in pursuing both Frontend and Full Stack roles.

My developer path started out as a Full Stack Developer in PHP stack. I was working on numerous CMS, frameworks and hand-made systems. Once our team required a Frontend Developer I stepped up to the task and focused on Frontend. Since then I’ve been concentrating on frontend for the past several years. I keep polishing my backend skills, but now I mostly write in Node.js.

Awards: Microsoft Most Valuable Professional 2022
Speaker: FrontendLive 2020, TSConf 2021
Judge: Bushi Hacks 2021, CruzHacks 2021, HoyaHacks 2021, NeoHacks 2021, SberCode,
UniHack 2020, UniHack 2021

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