2023 Cyber Security Judge

Abhishek Kumar Pandey

Director of Technical Program Management | Current | New York City, New York, United States

Abhishek Pandey is a highly experienced technology leader with many years of experience in Software Engineering, Technical Program Management, People Management, and Cross-functional leadership. His abilities as a profoundly technical leader combined with the breadth of business and functional knowledge help him serve in roles of strategic importance with great success.

In his current role at a leading US fintech, which serves America’s unbanked and underbanked, he leads technology program delivery efforts of strategic importance to the company. His recent efforts have brought significant gains to the business as well as its consumers through cost savings achieved by implementing cutting-edge payment technology platforms. He continues to lead delivery efforts to build innovative products for the company.

Abhishek manages a team of highly technical and impactful professionals who lead complex programs across the company under his direction and guidance. He works closely with C-level executives to establish an efficient organizational structure and define delivery processes for high-performance teams.

In his prior organizations, Abhishek has served clients in Finance and Healthcare industries helping them build their technology systems. Abhishek’s educational background includes an undergraduate degree in engineering, a graduate degree in business management (MBA), and other expert certifications.