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Monday, September 18, 2023

2013 Winners | Leadership Awards

Annual 2013 CEO World Awards

Annual 2013 CEO World Awards

Business Awards Winners

Most Admired Leaders

Current and Past Leaders
Herbert “Herb” Dwight Kelleher – co-Founder, Chairman Emeritus, and former CEO of Southwest Airlines
John Francis “Jack” Welch, Jr. – former Chairman and CEO of General Electric
James Alan Skinner – former Vice Chairman and CEO of McDonald’s Corporation
Jeffrey Preston “Jeff” Bezos – Founder and CEO of
Lawrence Joseph “Larry” Ellison – co-Founder and CEO of Oracle Corporation
Marissa Ann Mayer – President and CEO of Yahoo!
Marc Russell Benioff – Founder, Chairman and CEO of
Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson – Founder of Virgin Group
Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs – was co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc.
Vincent Thomas “Vince” Lombardi – was an American football player, coach, and executive.
Walter Elias “Walt” Disney – was co-Founder of Walt Disney Productions
William Edwards Deming – was an American statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and consultant

CEOs of the Year

Adesh Tyagi, The Operational Effective – CEO and Chairman of Cloudeeva, Inc. – San Ramon, California USA
Alexandre Douzet, The Visionary – CEO & Co-founder of TheLadders – New York, NY, USA
Alkarim Nasser, The Founder/Entrepreneur – Managing Partner of BNOTIONS – Toronto, ON, Canada
Andre Champagne, The Celebrity – CEO of Hollywood Trucks LLC – Baton Rouge, LA USA
Andrew Birch, The Founder/Entrepreneur – CEO of Sungevity – Oakland, California, USA
Anthony Peter Skiadas, The Founder/Entrepreneur – DMD, CEO of CEO Smilebuilderz, LLC – Lancaster, PA USA
Bill Clerico, The Cultural Expert – CEO and Co-Founder of WePay, Inc. – Palo Alto, CA, USA
Bjarni Thorvardarson, The Leader – CEO and Director of Hibernia Networks – Summit, New Jersey, USA
Burton M. Goldfield, The Visionary – President and CEO of TriNet – San Leandro, California, USA
C. Richard Panico, The Cultural Expert – President and CEO of Integrated Project Management Company, Inc. – Burr Ridge, IL USA
Dick Costolo, The Founder/Entrepreneur – CEO of Twitter, San Francisco, California USA
Dmitry Kozko, The Visionary – President and Director of Net Element International – North Miami Beach, FL USA
Dr. Michael Zhao, The Strategist – CEO of Array Networks – Milpitas, California USA
Eddie Machalaani, The Founder/Entrepreneur – Co-CEO of Bigcommerce – Austin, Texas, USA
Eric Hulbert, The Founder/Entrepreneur – CEO of Opus Interactive – Portland, Oregon, USA
Freeman Liu, The Creative – General Manager of Ozaki International Co., Ltd – New Taipei City, Taiwan
Gregory P. Jacobson, The Team Builder – co-CEO of The Jacobson Group – Chicago, IL USA
Isaac Garcia, The Founder/Entrepreneur – CEO of Central Desktop – Pasadena, CA, USA
Jeff Pedowitz, The Result-Oriented – President and CEO of The Pedowitz Group – Alpharetta, GA USA
Jefferson G. Pedersen, The Founder/Entrepreneur – Chairman & CEO of Del Sol & Cariloha – Sandy, Utah, USA
Jennifer McLean, The Leader – CEO of McLean Masterworks – Newport Beach, California, USA
Jorge L. Titinger, The Operational Effective – President and Chief Executive Officer of Silicon Graphics International Corp. (SGI) – Fremont, California, USA
Joseph Ferrara, The Customer Focused – President and CEO of Wombat Security Technologies, Inc. – Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Juhani Hintikka, The Transformer – President and CEO of Comptel Corporation – Helsinki, Finland
Ken Gramley, The Team Builder – CEO of Emerging Threats Pro, LLC – Lafayette, Indiana USA
Lalit Dhingra, The Mentor – President, NIIT Technologies,Inc. and Vice-Chairman, NIIT (Media) Technologies,Inc. – Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Landon Ray, The Founder/Entrepreneur – CEO of ONTRAPORT – Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Lou Guercia, The Founder/Entrepreneur – CEO and President of Scribe Software – Manchester, NH, USA
Maciej Fiedler, The Visionary – CEO of Fibar Group sp. z o.o. (LLC) – Poznań, Wielkopolska, Poland
Mariya Anthony Irudhayanathan, The Dedicated – President and CEO of Zillion Technologies, Inc – Ashburn, VA USA
Martin-Luc Archambault, The Visionary – CEO of Wajam – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Michael Dadashi, The Founder/Entrepreneur – CEO of MHD Enterprises Inc. – Austin, Texas, USA
Michael Sawyers, The Customer Focused – CEO and President of 7Delta – Columbia, MD, USA
Mike Thompson, The Corporate Social Responsibility Leader – President & CEO of Groupware Technology, Inc. – Campbell, California, USA
Mike Wethington, The Founder/Entrepreneur – President, CEO & Board Member of Outsell LLC – Minneapolis, MN USA
Mitchell Harper, The Founder/Entrepreneur – Co-CEO of Bigcommerce – Austin, Texas, USA
Nick Mehta, The Leader – CEO of Gainsight – Mountain View, California, USA
Nico R. Willis, The Strategist – CEO of Quality Attributes Software – Phoenix, AZ USA
Noah Thomas Leask, The Founder/Entrepreneur – CEO and President of Ishpi Information Technologies, Inc. (DBA ISHPI) – Mt. Pleasant, SC, USA
Patrick S. Bouaziz, The Visionary – Chief Visionary Officer of I Love Velvet – New York, NY, USA
Per Wickstrom, The Challenger – Founder and CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation – Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan USA
Peter Gassner, The Founder/Entrepreneur – CEO and Founder of Veeva Systems – Pleasanton, California USA
Randy Emelo, The Niche Player – President and CEO of Triple Creek, Greenwood Village, CO USA
Rehan Allahwala, The Founder/Entrepreneur – Founder and CEO of Super Technologies Incorporation – Pensacola, Florida, USA
Rene Lacerte, The Founder/Entrepreneur – Founder and CEO of – Palo Alto, California USA
Richard L. Jacobson, The Team Builder – co-CEO of The Jacobson Group – Chicago, IL USA
Rick Bergman, The Leader – CEO of Synaptics – San Jose, California, USA
Robert Frohwein, The Visionary – CEO of Kabbage, Inc. – Atlanta, GA USA
Russell Wallace, The Visionary – CEO of 29 Prime, Inc. – Irvine, California USA
Rustin Kretz, The Mentor – President & CEO of Scorpion Design – Valencia, CA USA
Ryan George, The Founder/Entrepreneur – Founder and CEO of Simpleview – Tucson, AZ USA
Ryan Wuerch, The Leader – Founder and CEO of Solavei – Bellevue, Washington USA
Sanjay Sathe, The Founder/Entrepreneur – President & CEO of RiseSmart – San Jose, CA USA
Seth Burgett, The Founder/Entrepreneur – CEO of yurbuds – St Louis, MO, USA
Spencer Rascoff, The Founder/Entrepreneur – CEO of Zillow, Seattle, Washington USA
Steven R. Horne, The Niche Player – President and CEO of Wingspan Portfolio Advisors – Dallas, TX USA
Thomas H. Douglas, The Visionary – President and CEO of JMARK – Springfield, MO, USA
Timothy Donald “Tim” Cook, The Leader – CEO of Apple Inc. – Cupertino, California USA
Tripp Donnelly, The Founder/Entrepreneur – CEO and Founder of RepEquity, Inc. – Washington, DC, USA
William “BJ” Jenkins, The Leader – President and CEO of Barracuda Networks – Campbell, California, USA

Women CEOs of the Year

Adrienne Akin Faulkner, Controlling owner and CEO of Faulkner Design Group, Inc. – Dallas, Texas USA
Elizabeth Zaborowska, Founder and CEO of Bhava Communications – Oakland, California USA
Jean Shih, President of AMAX Information Technologies – Fremont, California USA
Sarah Lahav, CEO of SysAid Technologies – Airport City, Israel
Therese Tucker, CEO of BlackLine Systems – Los Angeles, California USA
Vanessa Ogle, Chairman & CEO of Enseo – Richardson, Texas USA

Most Innovative CEOs

J Schwan, CEO and Founder of Solstice Mobile – Chicago, Illinois USA
Martin-Luc Archambault, CEO of Wajam – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Russell Wallace, CEO of 29 Prime, Inc. – Irvine, California USA

Best Company to Work For

Solstice Mobile, Chicago, Illinois USA

Company Growth of the Year (e.g. new products, new offices, new employees, etc.)

TalentWise, Inc.

Best Website of the Year

Central Desktop for
Verne Global for

Best Blog of the Year

Central Desktop for
Verne Global for

New Products, Upgrades, and Innovations

Aggregate Knowledge for Aggregate Knowledge Media Intelligence Platform
Anthelio Healthcare Solutions for Patient PULSE
Aternity Inc. for Aternity for Mobile for App Center
ForeSee for Word-of-Mouth Index (WoMI)
Intralinks for Intralinks VIA
iSmart Alarm, Inc. for iSmartAlarm
MessageSolution for MessageSolution Enterprise Information Archive 7.0
Norse for IPViking
SpectorSoft for Spector 360 Recon
TalentWise for TalentWise Hire
TheLadders for Job Search by TheLadders
Triple Creek for River
Zscaler for Zscaler for APTs

CEO Excellence Case Studies

Martin-Luc Archambault, CEO of Wajam for How to give an app away and still make money – Montreal, Quebec, Canada