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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Vipin Sharma

Head of Engineering (Backend), Watson Orders | IBM Corporation | Mountain View, California, United States

Vipin Sharma is an Engineering Leader with 20 years of experience in the Software Industry. He has successfully led and developed Software Solutions for Semiconductor, Cloud Computing and most recently Conversational AI space. He is currently working as Head of Backend Engineering at Watson Orders (IBM).

Prior to IBM, Vipin worked as Staff Engineer at VMWare where he led the development of LYDIAN, a generic Distributed Python Applications Platform. LYDIAN is highly scalable and extensible and has been adopted in Traffic Generation, System and Health Monitoring, Vulnerability Scanning and Threat Monitoring in a short span. He also created SQL30, a Python based ultra-lightweight ORM for SQLITE3 database. SQL30, written using only native constructs, saved millions of dollars for high entropy data ingestion use cases. Earlier, Vipin worked as Principal Software Engineer at Cadence Design Systems where he led Incremental Synthesis for High Level Synthesis Compiler – Stratus. He also wrote an RTL to C Compiler at Synopsys which was 3x faster than any available Compiled Code Simulation based tools, including VCS.  

Earlier in 2009, Vipin co-founded TaxCell – A TurboTax equivalent for India.