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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Vandana Premkumar

Technology Architect | New York Stock Exchange – International Continental Exchange | New York, NY United States

Vandana Premkumar participating as an industry expert and judge

As a hardcore technologist, my goal is to bring in evolutionary changes to make this world a better place to live in. As a technology architect I have been tasked at New York Stock Exchange to bring in technology to build infrastructure needed for continuous integration and deployment, automation and testing tools that are used for the core products. The company under the umbrella of Intercontinental exchange is gearing to become a tech giant and am humbled to be part of this change in such a huge organization. As a consultant , I have also collaborated with Architects at First data for architecture revamp of monolith application of FirstData platforms, which are used by around 80 banks across the country. I have also contributed to multiple technology products at TSYS Prepaid. Apart from Fintech, in my 18years of tech experience, I have contributed to the Education field at Kaplan Test Prep for Common Core and Pre College Test Preps. I have also experience with eCommerce platforms in BigCommerce and Borderfree. I have brought technology innovation while working with teams in Ukraine, Costa Rica, Israel, India, Ireland, Australia. One of my projects was appreciated by Department of State at World Bank.

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