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Jani Byrne Saliga | Achievements are fleeting; hard work, dedication and passion are what’s essential

Learning Officer | IBM | Austin, Texas, United States Starting with just an idea, I created and launched an award winning, global training and certification program called the IBM Center for Cloud Training (ICCT). Self-paced, digital, engaging role-based education for popular industry job roles (architect, developer, SRE) and associated specializations like DevSecOps and Security Engineer,…

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Jamie Henry | Achievements are reminders that we’re on the right path, taking all of the right steps, and getting recognized throughout that journey towards success

CEO | Bee Line Support |Chicago, Illinois, United States Jamie Henry, CEO of Bee Line Support, had a vision for her cleaning services company. She wanted to achieve a level of excellence unprecedented in the cleaning services industry. She had her team trained and educated in bacterial/viral/disease cleaning eradication, she built identical replicas of the…

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Anupama Ramakrishnan | Focus on what you can control and never be satisfied with only what you know

Principal Product Manager | Roche | Union City, California, United States Anu Ramakrishnan is an experienced Product Manager with a focus on building meaningful experiences for healthcare consumers through software applications and devices. Her engineering and management work has taken her across the US to support various enterprises including Philips, Zuora, iRhythm Technologies and Samsung…

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Sowmya Tejha Kandregula | Treat every change as an opportunity to learn

Sowmya Tejha Kandregula | Senior Manager | Cognizant Technology Solutions | College Station, Taxas, United States Sowmya Tejha Kandregula is a seasoned Data Management professional with over 14 years of experience in Data Governance, Data Privacy, Data Security, Regulatory Compliance, Financial Risk Management and Metadata Management. Sowmya’s proficiency lies in developing cohesive solutions for large…

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Nidhi Raina | Creating a purposeful and meaningful direction

Nidhi Raina is Global Head, Personal Excellence and Organizational Transformation | Tata Consultancy Services | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Nidhi Raina is Global Head, Organisational Transformation in Tata Consultancy Services. With 20 years in business, of which several years were spent in Business Development, Sales and Consulting, Large Deals and Innovation across fortune 500 companies, Nidhi,…

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