Sudersan Vassen

Sudersan Vassen helping as an industry expert

Lead Project Manager | Volmar Construction Inc. |Brooklyn, New York, United States

My name is Sudersan Vassen, I would like to introduce myself as a CCM (Certified construction Manager) with a Master of science in Civil Engineering from Texas A & M university. Currently I work for a general contractor in New York city. I have close to 10 years of experience in the east coast of USA. I have been involved with some of the prestigious projects in the country like Second Ave subway Extension, 7 line extension, Hurricane Sandy BIB etc.

For the last 6 years I have been involved in Hurricane sandy rehab program through NYC Mayors office and NYC DEP. I also managed extensively, rehabilitating houses that were affected by Hurricane sandy. I was also involved in elevating houses from ground level to above flood level In order to make the houses flood resilient

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Please see below for a brief list of my subject areas of interest

  1. Construction management
  2. Disaster management
  3. Disaster mitigation
  4. Flood resilient construction
  5. Civil engineering