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Monday, September 18, 2023

Siddharth Sarasvati

Vice President of Engineering | JOKR | Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Sid Sarasvati is an accomplished software industry professional with over 12 years of experience in technology leadership. As a Principal Engineer at Cogito, he built the AI infrastructure and a high-performance ‘Compute Engine’ that was used to extract and analyze thousands of signals from real-time conversations. Funded by DARPA, this groundbreaking technology was used in clinical settings, such as by Department of Veterans Affairs for mental health issues, and it was also deployed commercially by major healthcare companies like Humana and MetLife to help guide their phone agents to be more empathetic on phone calls. Sid is currently the VP of Engineering at JOKR, a start-up that delivers groceries with a hyper-local and personalized approach, delivering orders within 15 minutes of purchase. He is responsible for building the “consumer tech” organization from the ground up, and the platform is now operational in 6 countries with more than 200 local delivery hubs and over 1 million active users making it one of the fastest start-ups to attain unicorn status. Previously, he served as the Director of Engineering at Compass, were building platform for real estate agents and scaling the team 10x leading up to the company’s successful IPO in March 2021.