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Monday, September 18, 2023

Sanjay Jain

Founder Director | International Star Wealth Management | New Delhi, India

Interest: e-commerce
Vision: Aligning to the International Business Trends.
Specialties: Entrepreneurial Practice development, New Initiatives, Distribution System
Model: Lead thru learning, experience, qualification and Partnership.
Experience: 27 years across functions of Global Assets, International Markets, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & IT. An practicing leader and communicator with interpersonal, leadership, analytical and relationship management skills relevant to multi country environment.

Insightful and rich experience of over 26 years across functions of Manufacturing, Engineering, EAM, Supply Chain & IT. Established as Manufacturing Practice Strategist. Possess demonstrated capabilities in strategy design, Sales growth, Domain capability, Business Value chain enablement, Account Management, Delivery Management, and Resource Planning. A keen strategist, planner and implementer with expertise in devising Process and Business-IT roadmap aimed at enhancing Wealth, sustained profitability of operations and improved business performance. Motivated by internal standards of performance to build organizations. Exposure in Profit target based business growth.