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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Sandeep Jayashankar

Lead Product Security Architect | PayPal | San Jose, California, USA

Sandeep Jayashankar participating as an industry expert

Sandeep Jayashankar is an experienced Information Security Architect with a demonstrated history of supporting the finance industry to develop their applications and infrastructure securely. He has several years of experience in both offensive and defensive areas of an organization’s successful security program. He has led many successful ethical hacking operations against enterprise organizations and uncovered many loopholes in their security posture. He also has advised organizations to mitigate their threats and effectively implement their security programs. Sandeep also holds many certifications that are well-recognized and respected in the security industry.

Before this position, Sandeep was also a Java Developer who developed many critical enterprise solutions and using different flavors of development platforms and design patterns. Sandeep also holds a Master’s degree in Information Security from the Johns Hopkins University.

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