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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Matthias Thomas-Lamotte

Software Engineer | Alan | Brooklyn, New York, United States

Matthias Thomas-Lamotte participating as an industry expert and judge

My name is Matthias Thomas-Lamotte. I am a lead software engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit. I have extensive knowledge in experiential marketing, product design and software development. I built a photogrammetry software called the Xangle in Montreal, which has been used in different events around the world in collaboration with Intel, Epic Games, KPMG, Sony, Twitter, Facebook etc.. I then went on and joined a mental health startup called Jour, in New-York City, to lead the engineering team. I developed the app and 2 years after launch, we sold the company for 20 million dollars to a big insurtech startup called Alan. One of my most recent achievements was implementing an algorithm which generates content automatically based on an image of a product. It’s able to extract a name for the product, its color, its shape, sometimes the type of material. It’s been used to generate millions of content copies around the world.

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