2022 Golden Bridge Judge

Kirill Gugaev

VP of ML & Research | Corrily | San Francisco, California, United States

I’m leading a team to bump US Enterprise SaaS companies revenue from 10 to 40% using smart price optimization algorithms. Our company, Corrily Inc is YC backed fast-growing SaaS with such clients, as SkillShare & IFTTT.

I’ve founded the WhatsApp bot platform, Hightouch (https://hightouch.ai/), helped large Russian & Global enterprises (L’Occitane, Magnit (Russian Wallmart), Russian Agricultural Bank) to automate messaging funnels.

Over the past 7 years, I’ve managed to show a strong tech track record, I built ML anti-fraud & anti-spam systems for the biggest TikTok competitor in EMEA (zen.yandex.ru). Now product generates 15% of the entire Yandex LLC (Russian Google). Also, I’ve built a recommendation system for OLX.com Russia, which bumped company revenue in a country by 2% in a year (approx $10 mln)