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Monday, September 18, 2023

Guidelines Company-Organization

  1. Select a category: Choose the appropriate category that best aligns with the achievement being nominated.
  2. Entry Title: Provide a concise title for the entry, which can be the same as the nominated achievement.
  3. One Most Important Achievement: Summarize the key achievement in 10 words or less. Be specific and highlight the most significant accomplishment.
  4. Recognized Individual/Group: Specify whether the nomination is for an individual or a group of people. If it’s an individual, provide their name(s). If there is no specific person being recognized, select “No one in particular.”
  5. Nominated Company/Organization: Provide the name of the company or organization being nominated.
  6. Location: Indicate the city, state/province, and country where the nominated company/organization is based.
  7. Submission Format: You can choose to submit either a 5-minute video or a 650-word essay to explain the nominated achievements. It is not necessary to submit both. Remember that the content should be in English.
  8. Summary of Nomination: Summarize in bulleted points (not exceeding 3) why this nomination deserves recognition. Highlight the key reasons why the achievement stands out.
  9. Company/Organization’s Website: Include the URL of the nominated company/organization’s website. This provides additional context and supporting information.
  10. Supporting Content: While optional, it is highly recommended to include supporting materials. You can add up to 10 website URLs and 10 attachments that further illustrate the nominated achievements.