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Monday, September 18, 2023

Winners’ Circle | Golden Bridge Awards

Important To-Do-Items for all winners

Congratulations! If your organization won Grand, Gold, Silver, and/or Bronze then the following tips will prove useful for you.

Step 1 | Verify Winner’s Information | Subscribe to the Globee Awards Newsletter | Update Key Contacts

Winners List | Verify that all your information listed is accurate

First visit the page with the list of winners and verify that there are no errors.

If you believe that any typo or other errors need to be corrected or updated, then simply complete the form below asap. Please do not send emails with the corrections.

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Step 2 | Subscribe to the Globee Awards Newsletter

Subscribe to the Globee Awards Newsletter so that we can keep you posted

The Globee Awards newsletter will keep you posted on your current award submissions and upcoming opportunities.

This newsletter reaches out to professionals all over the world. And by subscribing now you will also be able to submit and read featured success stories that highlight successful companies all over the world.

If you want us to keep others in your organization posted too, then please request them to submit the form below individually. We do not sell, rent, or share your contact details with anyone. The goal of this newsletter is simply to keep you posted on upcoming awards and recognition opportunities.

Sign up here for updates from Globee Awards

We’re committed to your privacy. Globee Awards uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content award programs and success stories. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time.

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Step 3| Update Key Contacts

Update Primary Contact for Submissions | Secondary Contact (back-up) | Merchandise Contact | Event Tickets Purchase Contact

If you want to make any changes to primary contacts, please make them here.

Who is a Primary Contact?
The Primary Contact is one person from your organization or your agency that manages everything from creating an account to submitting all the entry content. This is the person our editors will contact if any more information is required or for any clarifications. This is also the person who will be first communicated about the winners.

Who is a Secondary Contact?
The Secondary Contact is the back up contact to the Primary Contact. In most cases Secondary Contact is contacted only if Primary Contact has not responded.

Who is a Merchandise Contact?
The Primary Contact could be the Merchandise Contact too. The Merchandise Contact has access to ordering complimentary and paid trophies, plaques, medallions, certificates, and all other merchandise items for winners.

Who is an Events Tickets Purchase Contact?
The Primary Contact could be the Events Ticket Contact too. The Events Ticket Contact usually purchases the tickets to attend the Red Carpet Awards Ceremony or the Virtual Awards Ceremony.

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Step 4 | Purchase Ticket to Participate in the 2022 Golden Bridge Virtual Awards Ceremony

Participate in the 2022 Golden Bridge Virtual Awards Ceremony

The 2022 Golden Bridge Awards will be presented in a virtual ceremony on Wednesday, July 27, 2022 at 11:00 AM PST

SAVE 10%
By June 17
By July 1
By July 15
Original Ticket Discounted by10%5%No Discount
1st Awards Program Ticket$495.00$522.50$550.00
Add tickets to participate in each additional Awards$405.00$427.50$450.00

This Awards Ceremony will feature all the following awards (an additional ticket is required if participating in more than 1 awards program):

  • 2022 American Best in Business Awards
  • 2022 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards
  • 2022 Disruptor Awards
  • 2022 Golden Bridge Awards
  • 2022 Information Technology World Awards
  • 2022 Sales & Service World Awards

What benefits will registrants receive?
Each registered organization with a valid “registration ticket” will be entitled to the following:

  • This is a pre-recorded event. So you can record and send us the recording to be played at the Virtual ceremony. 
  • Everyone in your organization can watch the awards ceremony. 
  • Virtual Red Carpet Photos: Just like being at the event.
  • Each participating organization will be announced by our emcee once for each awards program in which an organization has purchased a ticket. We’ll then show a short video clip (30 seconds) about your winning organization (prepared by our Voice-of-God). 
  • One pre-recorded master acceptance speech (60 seconds) from your organization will be played for all your wins after your organization’s winning categories have been announced. 


  • Tell us about your organization video interviews. This video can be 2-5 minutes long and here you can talk about your company, products, and services. 
  • Individual acceptance speeches from each of the individual winners (30 seconds each). Maximum number of total individual speeches is 10 per awards program. 
Virtual Awards Ceremony FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will The 2022 Golden Bridge Virtual Awards take place?
The awards will be hosted virtually on Wednesday, July 27, 2022 at 11 AM PST (Pacific Standard Time). The virtual ceremony is streamed via YouTube Live. All your submitted content will be prerecorded and sent to us in advance. 

What’s New and Different for the 2022 Globee Virtual Awards Ceremony?

  • This time a business would be announced for each awards program for which they are participating in the ceremony.
  • The master acceptance speech can be up to 60 seconds long. 
  • After the ceremony we will provide links to individual organization videos which can be promoted on social media.

Who may attend the Virtual Awards Ceremony?
Everyone in your company-organization, agency, family, and friends can watch the virtual awards ceremony.

Who may participate in the Virtual Awards Ceremony?
Winners of the 2022 Golden Bridge Awards. 

Do we have to purchase a registration ticket to participate?
Yes, a ticket has to be purchased for your organization to participate in the virtual awards ceremony. Only one registration ticket per awards program per organization has to be purchased for your entire organization to participate in the virtual ceremony. If your organization won in several awards programs and you would like to be announced as a winner in each of these awards programs then you may add more awards programs to participate in. There is an additional fee for each of the awards programs.

Is there a discount on the tickets?
Yes. Purchase before the first deadline and the ticket price is $495.  

What are all the content and uploads required from the attending organization?
The following content and uploads are required from the attending organization after purchasing a registration ticket:

  • Step 1 | Upload Company-Organization logo: Upload a high-resolution copy of attending organization’s logo that we may use in the presentations (png, jpeg, eps format preferred)
  • Step 2 | Script for Company-Organization Short Video: In 50 words or less describe the winning organization. This script will be used by us to make a short video for your company-organization. Each participating organization will be announced once by our emcee. We’ll then show this short video. Tip: it’s best to describe briefly what the organization does.
  • Step 3 | Upload Company’s Master Acceptance Speech: Upload Company-Organization Acceptance Speech video clip of up to 60 seconds recorded by you. (mp4 format preferred).
  • Step 4 | Upload your Original Photos for Red Carpet (we will edit and include the back ground): Maximum of 10 photos


  • Step 5 | After Ceremony | Interview: Tell us about your company and products-services | Upload a 2-5 minute Video: Tell us about your organization video interviews. This video can be 2-5 minutes long and here you can talk about your company, products, and services. 
  • Step 6 | After Ceremony | Individual acceptance speeches from each of the individual winners (30 seconds each): Individual acceptance speeches from each of the individual winners (30 seconds each). Maximum number of total individual speeches is 10 per awards program. 

When is the last deadline to send submitted content?
The deadline to submit all the content is April 22. However, you may submit your content earlier or request a brief extension of the deadline. 

Will award winners receive any complimentary registration passes for the event?
No, all who wish to participate in the virtual event must purchase a registration ticket for each awards program in which they want to participate. 

Are all award winners required to attend the event?
No, award winners are not required to attend the virtual ceremony. But attending has several benefits and therefore we do recommend attending.

Can an organization decline to participate in the virtual awards ceremony?
Yes. Simply complete the decline form below and we will not contact you further to participate. 

How will we receive our purchased registration ticket?
Your confirmation # sent by email will be your registration ticket. After you have purchased your registration ticket, we will send you instructions on how to upload your content.

Which awards will be virtually presented during the ceremony?
All awards won by organizations participating (Grand, Gold, Silver, and Bronze) will be represented.

Will awards winners who are not represented at the virtual ceremony be announced?
No. Because all winners have already been announced, only those winning organizations with registration tickets will be recognized during the ceremony.

How many times will our organization be announced during the ceremony?
Each organization will be announced only once during the virtual presentations for each awards program. The emcee will announce your organization’s name and all the wins for that particular awards program. We will then show a short video about the winning organization that we’ll produce, and then a pre-recorded acceptance speech video, supplied by the winning organization.  

In what order will organizations be showcased during the ceremony?
The awards will be presented in the order in which registration tickets are booked.

How will the virtual ceremony simulate how winners would be called to the stage to accept their awards?
Each participating organization will be announced by our emcee. We’ll then show a short video about the winning organization that we’ll produce based on the 50 words text you will provide us. Then we’ll show a master acceptance-speech video of up to 60 seconds provided by the winning organization. 

What can I include in my organization’s announcement video?
After you have completed your purchase of a registration ticket, you will receive a form to upload all your content.

We cannot guarantee that media assets uploaded after the due date will be used in the video that we produce about your organization. Note that you will not be given the opportunity to review your organization’s video before the event and you will have no editorial control over it.

Will a video be produced about my organization if we cannot participate in the virtual event?
No, we will only produce videos for organizations represented in the event.

Will my organization be able to use the virtual awards ceremony event clips after the event?
Yes. After the virtual awards ceremony, we will publish the videos on our YouTube channel. Each organization that attended will be given its video to use however it likes for promoting their win.

Will there be a red carpet area for photographs during the virtual ceremony?
Yes. All participants will be able to have photos taken on the virtual red carpet. Details are described in the Content Upload Guidelines.

Will the virtual awards ceremony be recorded?
Yes. The ceremony will be broadcast live, worldwide, via YouTube Live. It will be recorded and stored so that if you would like to watch it again at a later date, you can. You can also share it with others, such as your employees, customers, friends, and relatives. 

Will our participants be able to be interviewed on the virtual red carpet, as they are at live Globee Awards events?
Yes. Pre-recorded interview videos can be uploaded.

When and how will video clips of the event be made available?
The video clip of the primary pre-recorded acceptance speech you provide will be combined with the short video we produce about your organization. These combined clips will then be published on the Globee Awards’ YouTube channel.

Next Steps After Registration
Once you have purchased a registration ticket for your organization, your main point of contact will receive an email containing a checklist outlining everything required to participate in the ceremony.

Still have questions?
Send us an email or use the livechat on our website.

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Decline 2022 Golden Bridge Virtual Awards Ceremony Participation

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Step 5 | Order Trophies, Plaques, Medallions, and Certificates

Winner’s Gold Trophy, Silver Medallion, and Bronze Medallion

Within the next 2 weeks all primary contacts will receive an email with login details to order winner’s trophies and medallions.

Gold winners will receive one trophy per category (personalization, handling, packaging + actual shipping fees for each trophy has to be paid). Silver and Bronze winners will receive one medallion per category (personalization, handling, packaging + actual shipping fees for each medallion has to be paid).

Only one item per category will be given. Any number of additional items can be purchased and personalized at the actual price from the Globee Merchandize Store. All items are shipped from USA.

Primary contacts will receive a separate email on how to order trophies and medallions.

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Step 6 | Order eCertificate for each winner and everyone in your Team-Department-Group

Order eCertificates

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Step 7 | Share your story and Promote Your Win

Submit a Winner’s Quote from the winning organization
Submit a written Profile of Achievers

As a winner you can submit a written Profile of Achievers for one or more winners in your organization. The Globee is a safe and trusted place that enables sharing achievements and success stories with the global workforce. Our editors will review and publish submissions that inspire others to excel too. To protect our platform, The Globee support is unable to share any information regarding the type or reason for any unpublished contributed content. 

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Step 8 | Write and Distribute a Press Release

Press Release Template

2022 Press Release Template which winners can use and Social Media

[Your organization name here] Wins Globee® in the 14th Annual 2022 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards

[Your Company Here] Named Winner in Golden Bridge Awards

CITY, State – June xx, 2022 – [Your company name here] announced today that The Globee® Awards, organizers of world’s premier business awards programs and business ranking lists, has named [your winner product/person/company here], a winner in the 14th Annual 2022 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards.

The coveted annual Golden Bridge Awards program recognizes and honors the world’s best in organizational performance, products and services, innovations, executives and management teams, women in business and the professions, case studies and successful deployments, public relations and marketing campaigns, product management, websites, blogs, white-papers, videos, advertisements, creativity, partner programs, and customer satisfaction programs from every major industry in the world.

More than 100 judges from around the world representing a wide spectrum of industry experts participated in the judging process. The Golden Bridge Awards® are the world’s premier business awards program honoring achievements in every industry around the world.

[Your company name here] was recognized in the following categories [list the categories here]. [Describe your winning company/product/executive-background here] 

[Describe your winner product/person/company here in detail] 

“It’s an honor to win a Globee and we are proud to be recognized as an industry player whose [your product/person/company here] have been named winner by the Globee Awards,” says [executive of your company] “Behind this distinguished success is our product innovations and relentless drive to stay customer focussed. We believe this recognition from Globee Awards further validates our commitment to our customers.” 

See the complete list of 2022 winners here:

Stay posted and read success stories of organizations by subscribing to the Globee Newsletter:

About the Globee Awards 
Globee Awards are conferred in nine programs and competitions: the American Best in Business Awards, Business Excellence Awards, CEO World Awards®, Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards®, Disruptor Company Awards, Golden Bridge Awards®, Information Technology World Awards®, Sales, Marketing, Service, & Operations Excellence Awards, and Women World Awards®. Learn more about the Globee Awards at

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[Company Name] is the leading…

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Step 9 | Promote your win on Social Media with Custom Logos

Social Media |twitter | LinkedIn

twitter @globeeawards #globeeawards #goldenbridgeawards

Follow and Subscribe to Globee Awards

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Order Custom Logos

Custom logos or badges can contain more details about your win. The cost is US $60 per badge per category in which your organization won. One png format file and one eps format file will be emailed for each category for which order has been placed.

Here’s how a regular awards logo is:

Here’s an example of custom awards logo with category included:

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Step 10 | Use the Official Awards Logos

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Step 11 | Participate in these Globee Awards too

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Step 12 | Photos you may use to promote your win

Here’s a link to all the photos you may use on your business website, social media, or press releases.

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Step 13 | Recommend a New Category

What New Category would you recommend for next awards program?

Globee eCertificates are gaining popularity because winners can now display them on their social media accounts and online website.

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