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Monday, September 18, 2023

Gautam Madaan

Software Engineering Manager | Twilio Inc. | San Francisco, California, United States

Over the course of my career, I’ve worked on creating software for a variety of businesses, consumers, and machines. During this time, I’ve gained insights into the different philosophies, and architecture principles needed to create software across different industries. My first foray into software development was for the autopilot of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Among other things, I learnt the benefits of handling different edge cases with roll forward, and roll backward error handling techniques. By the end of this stint, web development had gotten my attention and I worked on creating on premise, and cloud software solutions at organizations like SAP Labs, PayPal Inc. and most recently Twilio Inc. Across these organizations I gained expertise in building B2B applications, secure consumer financial applications, reliable communications applications, and leading teams to build highly scalable applications.

In addition to that, I invest and advise start-ups during my free time. is one such start-up I helped bootstrap and currently advise. I have invested in 10+ start-ups over the course of 3 years focused on using technology in different industries like journalism, fintech, robotics, music, movies etc.