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How is your organization addressing the COVID-19 situation? Recognition is especially meaningful during the COVID–19 pandemic.

Amazing individuals are working to provide you with the resources, support, and information you need, as the times demand. Here’s an opportunity to nominate the heros at your organization.

More details are here.

There are no entry fees in these categories.

Amazing individuals, groups, and organizations all over the world are responding to the COVID-19 situation in extraordinary ways. Appreciate the amazing people who will get your organization through these days to brighter ones ahead.

The pandemic has demonstrated the need for agility, empowerment, innovative thinking, continual learning, and collaboration.

The new normal is far from ordinary in the business world. Companies are deciding when, how and if workers should come back. From procedural temperature checks to enforced use of masks, new cleaning procedures and social distancing in the office, companies are preparing their workforces to return.

We have created new categories to honor the contributions of individuals, groups, and organizations that have worked hard and continue to show their resilience and creativity to weather the economic impact over the past few months and keeping us safe, healthy, and informed. 

There are no entry fees in these categories.

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