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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Conor Kelly

CEO | Zero Fog Ltd | Dublin, Ireland

Conor is a serial entrepreneur, CEO/Founder of Zero Fog Ltd and Head of Growth at Humanloop. Zero Fog is a reusable anti-fog cloth for glasses which has tens of thousands of customers. Launched during the pandemic, it was the first product in Ireland which solved the problem of fogging glasses when wearing a face mask. After scaling the business to multiple six figure revenues in the first year, Conor has diversified his product offering. Zero Fog Ltd now sells other accessories for glasses and also has software products. Conor also works extensively in artificial intelligence. Currently he is the director of growth at Humanloop, a Y-Combinator backed platform for build AI applications. He is also the founder of – an AI powered chrome extension for writing emails. Conor has a bachelors degree in Business & Economics from Trinity College Dublin and Masters in Business Analytics from University College London. He also has a diploma in Web Development from Le Wagon Coding School and Chartered Accountant Proficiency Level 2 (ACA) from Chartered Accountants Ireland. Conor is most passionate about making the world a better place through entrepreneurship.