Category: Cybersecurity Awards

Application Security, DevOps, and Testing

Products and Services Application Security, DevOps, and Testing involves ensuring secure coding and testing practices, as well as integrating security into DevOps processes to protect against vulnerabilities in software applications.

Vulnerability Assessment, Remediation and Management

Products and Services Vulnerability assessment, remediation, and management involve identifying and evaluating potential security risks and taking action to address them in order to minimize the chances of a successful cyber attack.

Web Application Security and Firewalls

Products and Services Web application security and firewalls involve the protection of web applications and servers from various cyber threats, including hacking attempts, data breaches, and DDoS attacks, by monitoring and controlling […]

Wireless, Mobile, or Portable Device Security

Products and Services Wireless, mobile, or portable device security refers to the measures taken to protect devices that are connected to wireless networks or used on-the-go from cyber threats, such as unauthorized […]

Workload Protection in the Cloud

Products and Services Workload protection in the cloud refers to the security measures and policies implemented to protect data, applications, and workloads running on cloud-based infrastructure against cyber threats and attacks. Cybersecurity […]

Zero Day | Attack & Exploit Detection & Prevention

Products and Services Zero-day attack & exploit detection and prevention refers to techniques and tools used to identify and protect against security vulnerabilities and threats that are unknown or not yet addressed […]