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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Anvita Jain

Sr. Software Engineer | Netflix | Los Gatos, California, United States

I am working at Netflix as a Senior Software Engineer, designing and developing Live Action, VFX and Animation pipelines for Netflix Studio, which means for all Netflix Originals. I am very intrigued with the creativity and all the hard work that goes behind an episode and very glad I could help creators with my engineering skills to focus on their creativity. In my everyday work I deal with a varied collection of digital assets from camera rolls, sound rolls, vex shots to animated image sequences, etc, ensuring its proper ingestion, processing and delivery to intended users or third party review tools like Shotgrid, PIX, etc. Prior to Netflix, I was developing infrastructure for eBay’s classification pipelines so any other team can build a classifier to tag an item without worrying about the logistics of running them for each and every item listed on eBay. In past I also worked for Goldman Sachs developing a Voice based Trade booking system and at Bank of America. I love solving complex distributed systems problems and developing pipelines that operate on scale as huge as Netflix. I am a technologist by heart and self motivated to take initiatives and lead where I can.

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