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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Anoop Koloth

Software Engineer | eBay | San Jose, California, United States

Anoop Koloth participating as an industry expert and judge

14 years of experience in software engineering, working primarily in the E-commerce space.

Full-stack developer with experience from User perception tracking to all the way to Datastore performance tuning.

Critically acclaimed engineer for delivering high transaction and user impacting products with 99.99% availability and 10x faster latencies.

Expertise in leading large scale projects handling petabytes of data and billions of requests.

Edge computing expertise implementing dynamic caching, advertising on the Edge, distributed caching, low footprint applications & stitching transactions in transient networks on remote devices.

Advocate for observability and data transparency – changing the norm of going blind to production and being blind folded of customer issues.

Additional endeavors include:

Founder at Dottedyellow 2020 (animated real-world driving test app solution for teens – IOS App).

Founder at Babytaxi 2015 (taxi aggregation app in rural India where network connectivity is the challenge – Android App)

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