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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Angad Arora

Data Scientist | Google | Mountain View, California, United States

I am distinguished data scientist and one of the very few people who are domain expert data scientists in Manufacturing / Consumer electronics.

I worked at Apple and Google as a Lead Manufacturing and Operations Data Scientist and solved tons of hard operations problems some of them being:

  1. Created optimizations for device testing in order to reduce the cost of test
  2. Created deep learning/ computer vision based algorithms that judge the final quality of product thereby reducing labor and headcount in manufacturing lines
  3. Worked with product design teams in early stage designs to generate the feasibility and manufacturability of product from yield and cost standpoint

I have very strong Operations Research background from Purdue University where I took highly complex optimization courses and projects.

Beyond this I have been awarded various honours from Apple on productionizing the Machine learning ideas from POC to the actual environment.

Beyond professional work, I am active contributor in open source forums like, Towards Data Science where I wrote technical data science articles on some of my work that I did beyond the usual work.

I also presented my work in Apple/ Google data science internal conferences on AB experiments