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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Afra Ansaria

CTO | Sigmoid | San Francisco, California, United States

My expertise lies in Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. I have been working in the application of ML in industries such as healthcare, security, and weather prediction over the past 5 years. I am actively mentoring some of the start-ups that stem from MIT CSAIL, Techstars, and Alchemist Accelerator. During our regular meetings, I focus on aiding them in developing ML applications and overcoming product development challenges. I enjoy hosting and judging hackathons. In the past, I have judged events at MIT and at Facebook. I will be judging HACKMIT 2023(the largest hackathon in the US) at MIT and Accelerate SF this September, which I am quite excited about! I am also an active member of the Salvation Army which helps me connect with the local causes in SF. In the past, I have worked for companies such as Amazon, Qualcomm, and Facebook in various leadership positions. As a Senior Product or Program manager, I have handled multiple projects- managing clients’ expectations, understanding their pain points, and delivering solutions that best solve their needs. I have gone through the challenging situations of last-minute project reprioritization, working with limited resources and unclear project requirements, which taught me a great deal about product building, team collaboration, and discerning valuable insights amid complexity. During my free time, I sketch, travel, make brownies for my niece, and rock climb. Currently, I am working on my early-stage start-up, Sigmoiddata, where we focus on email security for large-scale enterprises, employing cutting-edge ML algorithms. I enjoy going through the process of uncertainty and coming up with solutions that solve people’s needs. I enjoy harnessing the power of technology and helping fellow women in any way I can. I would be delighted to be part of the Globee judge committee and help recognize some of the best talent in the business world. I firmly believe that women in business and technology are driving the necessary change in today’s world and any kind of support or recognition goes a long way.